Wednesday, June 23, 2010

oh it's been awhile... quite a while.

First, my apologies. I sort of lost touch with this space for some time and I didn't have it in me to reconnect. I think, just maybe that I have it now but no promises that's for sure.

A few little updates are in order. The babies, well in reality they aren't babies anymore. They are beginning the path to humanhood and I just get to watch it happen. Frightening. Me, not too terribly much. I still work for Whole Foods in the bakery. I still love it quite a bit, there are rough patches as with any job, like when you have to spoil out over 100 lbs worth of flour, sugar, eggs and milk at work because someone else did not do their job correctly. Overall though, I love it.

I have begun seeing a new person. He is pretty damned amazing and takes up the time that my humans and work are not. He is helping me to see things with a more clear head and I appreciate that very much. life is simpler with him involved. Simplicity is something I have been lacking for years.

I am learning new things about myself everyday and in turn am hoping to bring those truths to my everyday and to give it to people in the way that they need. Next week I am going to start taking some belly dancing classes and then next month reiki healing classes. I am equally excited about both.

Well, I am tired and want to get in a bit of reading before this softball game of mine. I will chat more on here tomorrow.

Hopefully everyone is having an amazing day and is able to get out and enjoy some sunshine.

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