Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a year

I started this morning out with some reading and some beer. Maybe not healthy, but what else is a Momma to do when she is all alone on the eve of a new year, eh? Plus, it was just one.

Since then, I have made a batch of gnocchi to put up in the freezer, some soup for a sick friend and some pear pastry puffs, which still need a bit of caramel cinnamon glaze on the top. Right now, however I am about to get comfy in my bed for a bit more reading and maybe a little nap. Later, I am headed out to a friends house for a few minutes to drop off said puffs and then... On a date!

This date is with vest guy. That's what my friends and I are calling him and I don't want to put his name out here, just in case. He is a pretty great guy though. A little bit older than me, at 3o, but I figure that that is OK. He has an organization that helps victims in Burma and is about to start doing art therapy at the Seattle Children's Hospital. Now that you know what I know you can probably understand why I am nervous as heck to go tonight. But, I know that I'll be fine as long as I am myself.

I am not exaclty making an resolutions this year, but I do want to take out the trash that is clogging my path. I want a clean, fresh start to this year and that means that Scott has got to get off the couch by the 10th like he said he would. No more understanding on my part, it has been too long. I will stand up for myself and be strong and he will leave. There is no more room here.
As for the kids, I want them to continue to grow and love and be happy. They are such an amazing part of my life.

I can't wait to see what the new year is going to bring.

Hoping for new, that's for sure!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just chillin'

Today has been a day of much needed quiet and rest with a dear friend.

Last night, two of my friends and I had a craft night at Lee's house and we all just sat knitting, painting and making earrings. Each our own different craft but together we had fun. Beer, chocolate and just plain friendship was a much needed thing for all three of us.

This morning, Lee and I just stayed home and knit, napped and watched Flight of the Conchords, which is downright hilarious by the way. Then we headed to the art store to pick up some more beads for Lee and a tattoo jar for me. A lovely day indeed.

We made dinner and then I headed home. I have been listening to a lot of Handful of Luvin' and Levi Ware lately. *melody you would love Levi* On the way home I had a mix CD of the two bands and it just absolutely fit my day so well.

I really, really miss the kids but realize that they are most likely having a great time with thier extended family down in California. My house just doesn't feel the same though. The presence that they add to my daily life is just absolutely irreplaceable. It is amazing how two little people can affect every fiber of your being just by being there.

Anyway, I am doing some midnight cleaning right now and then I am headed to bed. I hope that everyone is having a really wonderful holiday season and remembering what is important to them.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gingerbread and Caramel... ruined

The past week I have been working day shifts again. Which is pretty awesome. I have been whipping up a storm of cupcakes and finally getting to know the girls I work with rather than just the boys. It's been wonderful, excluding a massive gingerbread copy of our store, which was assigned to me. And a small, 22 lb. batch of caramel that crystallized in the pot today.

The gingerbread whole foods... this is apparently a bit of a war between two stores. Redmond and Interbay. Interbay sent around a picture of a gingerbread school house in their neighborhood that they did. It was beautiful, but also probably took quite a bit of time and planning on thier part to execute. We were given 24 hours to do an equally sizeable rendition of our store. Sounds pretty easy... until we get going. I stayed an hour overtime to make the dough and clean up. Then the next crew was supposed to roll it out and measure it and bake it. This did not happen as smoothly as it sounds.

The pieces were not straight which led to a lot of over icing and then just when I was putting the finishing touches on it, it collapsed for the second time. 7 hours of labor, wasted. Back pain, hand cramping and just in general stress from the darn project. In the end, the other people helping and I got it back up and going and looking beautiful. Not exactly what we had had planned, but fun all the same. Everyone loves it but us and next year we are planning something CRAZY! But, I have to be super hush hush about that.

The caramel, which I had been left to make after the rest of the production team left, was a last minute frantic job. We had run out and overall it is a fairly easy project but... I of course found some way to ruin it. Some sort of chemical process happened and the sugar started to crystallize and then the next thing I know it was just a giant 22 lb mass of hot, crystallized sugar. Bummer, dude.

In the meantime, I am home. In my room and getting ready to watch Julie and Julia while I finish a quick gift for a friend. I work tomorrow and then it is off to a friend's house, where I was quite lovingly invited over for dinner and sangria. What could be better, eh? Not much, that's for sure.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and I intend to be back before the new year.

**Melody, Thanks for the ideas and support!! I will check out the craigslist adds tonight!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

whoa, it's been a while

Sorry folks. Life, it has been busy lately and yet not so busy all at the same time. I guess the right term would just be hectic.

Scott is still living on my couch... with high hopes to be out soon. I really do not know how much more of it I can take. It isn't that we don't get along it is just that it is extra stress that I don't need or want in my life right now. Nor, does he need it in his. Not to mention the two little beings that we are attempting raise... Oh I can not imagine how this is all affecting them. I just hope that they will make it through this. Trust in the resilience of my children and children in general.

Christmas is so close and I have nothing done nor anything to do. My babies are going to be with Scott in California and I am going to be working. I can't say whether I am looking forward to it yet or not. I know that part of me is just very sad.

I love Christmas and wish that things could be different this year. I would really like to be with my family in California and with my children. However the solo time is going to be welcome. A double edged sword I tell you.

I will make an effort to post more often.

I went to a show for Handful of Luvin' the other day. They were amazing, as always. I met a few new people who I got along with very well. I just so love the new people I have been meeting lately. Overall, they have been so positive and so inspiring, I feel very lucky. I feel like maybe I am meeting these people because I am finally making decisions in my life that are positive for the future. I am looking both in and out and seeing that there is change and that I am capable of making it. It's very empowering.

So, to changes and new spirits moving forward I have decided that I am going to start looking for new ways to help. I don't know exaclty what kind of helping I want to do just yet... I feel like it will come to me soon though. We shall see and if you have any ideas, throw 'em out there! I love to hear them!