Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gingerbread and Caramel... ruined

The past week I have been working day shifts again. Which is pretty awesome. I have been whipping up a storm of cupcakes and finally getting to know the girls I work with rather than just the boys. It's been wonderful, excluding a massive gingerbread copy of our store, which was assigned to me. And a small, 22 lb. batch of caramel that crystallized in the pot today.

The gingerbread whole foods... this is apparently a bit of a war between two stores. Redmond and Interbay. Interbay sent around a picture of a gingerbread school house in their neighborhood that they did. It was beautiful, but also probably took quite a bit of time and planning on thier part to execute. We were given 24 hours to do an equally sizeable rendition of our store. Sounds pretty easy... until we get going. I stayed an hour overtime to make the dough and clean up. Then the next crew was supposed to roll it out and measure it and bake it. This did not happen as smoothly as it sounds.

The pieces were not straight which led to a lot of over icing and then just when I was putting the finishing touches on it, it collapsed for the second time. 7 hours of labor, wasted. Back pain, hand cramping and just in general stress from the darn project. In the end, the other people helping and I got it back up and going and looking beautiful. Not exactly what we had had planned, but fun all the same. Everyone loves it but us and next year we are planning something CRAZY! But, I have to be super hush hush about that.

The caramel, which I had been left to make after the rest of the production team left, was a last minute frantic job. We had run out and overall it is a fairly easy project but... I of course found some way to ruin it. Some sort of chemical process happened and the sugar started to crystallize and then the next thing I know it was just a giant 22 lb mass of hot, crystallized sugar. Bummer, dude.

In the meantime, I am home. In my room and getting ready to watch Julie and Julia while I finish a quick gift for a friend. I work tomorrow and then it is off to a friend's house, where I was quite lovingly invited over for dinner and sangria. What could be better, eh? Not much, that's for sure.

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and I intend to be back before the new year.

**Melody, Thanks for the ideas and support!! I will check out the craigslist adds tonight!!

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