Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Stuff

Saw this and thought, why not?!


Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, I had my surgery and it went very well. Only three stitches. Caroline took the day off work to help out with the kids and drive me to and from the doctor's on Tuesday. Anyone who has seen me on medication, (ie; Adrien's birth) knows that I get a bit loopy on anything that is supposed to help make me numb or alter my state of being for a while. I don't know what it is, but I just go a little crazy. This time was no exception. They put me on a drug that made me incredibly sleepy but wasn't meant to completely knock me out. I thought I fell asleep, but in reality I was just laying there talking to these people for a half hour while they took the metal out of my finger. Apparently it was funny though, they said that it was a great way to end the day and "very entertaining." Hmm.... makes me wonder what I said.

I took my bandage off a day early this morning because I was just too itchy. They had my entire hand wrapped up in this huge bulky wrapping. It didn't make anything very easy, especially changing diapers. I was suprised to notice that as I was cleaning my stiches and cut that I got a bit woozy agian. When it first happened, I thought I was going to faint and today felt very similair to that. But I have a huge bandaid on it now, as per instructions and am still off dish duty for another week so I am nothing but gratefull.

Hope everyone has a happy friday.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hi everyone,

I am going to be offline for a few days... no posts unless, Scott feels up to it. I was chopping wood for kindling on Sunday evening and the hatchet shattered and broke. A piece of it flew into my glove and into my finger and hit my bone. So, I am having surgery to get the piece out today. I have never had surgery before, and I am a bit nervous. But I can't wait to get this annoying piece of metal out of my finger. It hurts like hell. I will try and get on and let you all know how it went later today or tomorrow. maybe I'll be able to coax Scott into writing a few posts about the kids and what not.... That would be nice.

Friday, September 5, 2008


I was cruising this morning, waiting for Isabella to go back to sleep and saw this, it's pretty funny.

Dolores Umbridge / Sarah Palin

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Blah is kind of exerting itself these past few days. The kids, Scott and I have all been pretty mellow and laid back. Adrien is finally starting to feel better, granted he is still a bit iffy on food. Isabella thankfully, did not get sick and her two top teeth are working their way through. They are both starting to pack on a bit of chub and are most likely going to get taller soon. Isabella is thinking more and more about walking. She will stand in the middle of a room unassisted and look very, very proud of herself. I watch her watch Adrien as he runs away from her with cars and toys. I know she is thinking about it, she gets the most envious face on and purses her lips or sticks her tongue in her cheek.
Adrien is becoming more clingy, while at the same time becoming more of a brat. As Sam said though, "You so deserve this." It's actually kind of funny for the most part. I know he will (crossing my fingers) grow out of this stage, but at the same time watching him scream and writhe on the ground is not exactly fun. While Sam was here, he seemed to find everyone one of Isabella's pacifiers for himself. He has been fine without one for the most part, but then all of a sudden he just got really attached to them again. The day Sam left, however, he stopped. He hasn't been looking for them or trying to steal them. In the morning if he comes in and she is still asleep he doesn't try to take it out of her mouth anymore. The whole thing is weird.
We are thinking about getting him a little potty again, though. He is watching Scott and starting to experiment with holding his penis to pee. He did it in the bath a few weeks ago to pee on his hand, that was pretty funny. And he is taking his diapers off more and more frequently now to check out the goods down below. As I write this in fact, he is footloose and fancy free, probably peeing on the carpet downstairs while Scott laughs. Isabella is attempting a nap. I might have to give her some Tylenol for her teeth, but I'm hoping not.

I planted some daffodil bulbs today and am going to work my way around the house with some more tomorrow. I got a bag of 75 at Lowe's the other day. A great deal! The bulbs are huge! I can't wait to go back this weekend and get the tulip bulbs. But what I really can't wait for, is spring. I know it's not even winter yet, but the thought of spring, with it's warm breezes and smiling flowers is getting me excited about the gardening I have been doing this year.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sister, Sister

Friday evening into the wee hours of the morning was spent talking and talking and talking some more with Samantha. She flew in late Friday and we just could not stop. It was insane. We got to bed sometime around or after 4 am. It was so good to see Samantha! We did so many things this weekend and had so much fun.

On Saturday we ran a few errands and attempted to get our tattoos... Then we went out to Deception Pass. We walked across the bridges and and went hiking on a small trail looking out on the ocean. Very beautiful!

On Sunday, we went to Poulsbo and the Space Needle. Sam has most of those pictures, but the few I got were very cute!

I dropped her off today, we had a such a great visit!

And... then I got my new tattoo!!!