Monday, September 1, 2008

Sister, Sister

Friday evening into the wee hours of the morning was spent talking and talking and talking some more with Samantha. She flew in late Friday and we just could not stop. It was insane. We got to bed sometime around or after 4 am. It was so good to see Samantha! We did so many things this weekend and had so much fun.

On Saturday we ran a few errands and attempted to get our tattoos... Then we went out to Deception Pass. We walked across the bridges and and went hiking on a small trail looking out on the ocean. Very beautiful!

On Sunday, we went to Poulsbo and the Space Needle. Sam has most of those pictures, but the few I got were very cute!

I dropped her off today, we had a such a great visit!

And... then I got my new tattoo!!!

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