Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sick boys and politics

Adrien has been pretty lathargic all day, he has had a fever of about 100+ since 9 am. I hate to say it but the only thing he has been willing to do is sleep and watch cartoons. Finally, when Scott got home though it seemed his fever began to break, right when Hillary Clinton was making her speech.

And what an amazing speech it was. I did have to giggle a little at the deja vu I was feeling. We are currently using what is referred to in my family as the "Nana TV". It is possessed, or has been in the past, by my Step-Mom's Nana. Anyway... I digress. I remember watching Bill Clinton fight for his second run as President as well as fight about what is and is not considered "sex" on that TV. My parents felt (and I am sure still feel) that it was important for us to watch what was happening in our country. I used to think that they were lame and I hated it. Now, I am grateful because I am one of the few young people, particularly one of the few young women, who actually pay attention and vote. I can clearly remember Jen, my Step-Mom, getting very upset about elections and the state that our country has been in in the past. As a child, I didn't quite understand, now I certainly do.

Either way, I can't wait to vote this year. I could not vote for the past two Presidential elections. The first one, I wasn't quite old enough and the most recent I had a family emergency and had to go outside of my voting area for the day. Though Obama, for many reasons, is not my first choice for President, I do feel that he would make decisions that would be better for our country right now than McCain would. Both are very intelligent people though and either way I hope that at the end of it we could end up in a better position than that of the one we are in now.

On another note, I received an email from a relative the other day about the fact that Hallmark is releasing a line of cards for the newlywed same-sex couples. The email was clearly opposed to both the line and to same-sex marriages. Let me first say that I sincerely dislike the fact that people send out emails like this. I can understand why they send out jokes making fun of political candidates and policies, but to discriminate against an entire group of people in one email is just plain stupid. It does nothing, no matter how many times it gets forwarded or passed on. No one actually does anything except hit delete or forward. I did neither. You see, this relative of mine, barely knows me. He knows my name, knows that I have two children and a husband. But, beyond that I don't think he even really is concerned. He definitely did not know what my political, social or family values are, otherwise he would have never sent this email to me.
The question I kept asking myself and thought about over and over again before I decided to respond was simple. WHY. Why would he send this if he doesn't know where I stand. So, I decided to tell him where I stand.

Here is what I wrote:

" I respect that you have your opinions about what should and should not be legalized in this country, but I also feel that you should respect other people's opinions too. Sending out mass emails like this to the people on your list is a little offensive if you don't know what their political, social or family values are. I personally am not a Republican, nor do I have any problem with the Gay Community being allowed to legally testify their love the same way that I have testified to mine. Love is love, it should not be a political issue. If Hallmark is embracing it in any shape or form, for profit or not, it is a smart business move. The gay community is worth a lot of money and you can't blame a company that is only trying to profit on that. Everyone's got to eat, right?

Either way though I do respect that you don't believe that this should be happening. I just do not like having this kind of thing in my in box. I would sincerely appreciate it if you could not send me political stuff. I prefer to do my own research on the political atmosphere. "

The interesting thing to me, overall is why anyone would have a problem with someone making a profit, unless it is your competitor company. Our country is based on people trying to turn a profit. Money is everything and to tell Hallmark that what they are doing is wrong is ridiculous. They are a massive company that has MADE holidays, just pulled them out of thin air, for profit. Of course they see a market and a world opening up to them that is untapped. Go for it Hallmark, I say.

And to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi and all the other men and women who have announced their love and undying devotion I say Congratulations and it's about time!

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