Monday, August 25, 2008


we are expecting our new phones, I can't wait to finally have a life line to the outside world in case something happens with one of the kids. I can't wait to be able to find out if my husband is going to be late, from him instead of an email from his mother or brother. I can't wait to be able to talk to people during the day, instead of rushing it in at night when Scott's just arrived home, he's hungry, the children are hungry and I'm exhausted.
Today we are having a pot roast for dinner. I have just finished putting it in the crock pot, and my hands still smell of celery, onion and garlic after two washes. It's kind of nice and homey here. The weather is supposed to be mild with a bit of rain every now and then. I think I might head out to the garden and get some things finished before my sister comes on Friday night.
I am so excited to see her, I just can't even tell you. I've looked up how to get to the airport from here, and it shouldn't take more than an hour and half. I get to pick her up at 10:45 Friday night, Isabella will be coming with me. She nurses too often during that time frame to stay at home with Scott. So, it might take Sam and I a few minutes longer to make it home from the airport. But it will give us some time to catch up before she sees Scott, too.
I don't know quite what we are going to do yet, but I have a few ideas.

Anyway, here's to the day, I hope it continues on the same path as it has so far. Cozy, happy and relaxed.

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John said...

Ok so dinner sounds good what time?
Just thought i would try this. It is nice to know what you are up to latey.
The races were good the other night
See you later