Sunday, August 3, 2008

busy weekend

Even though I feel like we didn't do much this weekend, I look around and I see the fruits of our labor. Scott's Grandmother June, who is 84 is driving up from Concord, CA with his 18 year old cousin. They are making many stops along the way to visit with family and friends, their last stop is our house. We will see them here on Saturday morning next weekend. We are both really looking forward to this visit, as it will be June's first time meeting Isabella. When Adrien was born, he and I were only a few hours away from her and she came a few days after he was born. With Isabella it was hard to be up in Washington away from so many our family. Thankfully, though we did have his Grandma, Mom and brother here or we would have been very lonely. So she will be meeting Isabella. I know she is so anxious and has been hearing lots about her from her brother and sister in law, but it's defintely not the same.
We have been slowly getting the house more and more together and easier to live in the past few months. But with her coming it definitely gave us the shove we needed to finish a few more things. We added a handle to the tub area so that it is easier for everyone, not just old ladies, to get in and out of our tall tub. A second cabinet style thing was added to the bathroom, now we actually have a place to put things. We picked up a few things at the Goodwill as well. A chair for our computer, which I love but needs a bit of work and a table for in the living room. Which Adrien loves to stand on and dance on.
A few other things that we have already done, but are worthy of note is Curtains!! Curtains everywhere upstairs! Finally, the sun isn't beating us into the shady areas of our home. Our nieghbors in the far off distance won't be able to see us change anymore (thank God) and quite frankly they look nice. I am not a huge fan of WalMart's business ways, but they are great for people living on a tight budget, thats for sure.

On another note, I stirred my compost bin today and it was such a lovely site!! I am making dirt, yup, right in my own backyard. Dirt, lovely nutritious and delicious dirt. I can't wait to be able to use it. It is still just a tad too soon and too little, but I do have about a good solid 2 inches so far. I am so excited. My garden next year will benefit from this so much. Thankfully, too that I didn't have to buy worms. While digging up the grass in the backyard for my flower bed, I have been finding worms in abundance and every now and then I send Adrien with one over to the compost bin. (I do NOT touch worms.... and yes there is a reason/story for it that I will delight you with another time)

We did try going for a little mini hike today on a trail in town by the river. But the mosquitos were attacking us. Scott has 9 bites, just on his arms and I have 12 on my arms and legs. We were only out there for maybe then minutes and gave up. I think we went about a 1/4 of a mile. It was awful!

Finally.... I am working on a growth chart for the kiddos using the extra pieces from Adrien's crib when we converted it into a toddler bed. It should be done sometime this week so I will post a picture when it is. It feels so good to be painting again, even if it just a fun little kid thing. I love it.

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