Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finally Over

Just in time, too! Adrien had been throwing consistent fits all weekend and Isabella hated June.. I don't really know how it all worked out in the end, it just did. We picked up Scott's cousin, Alana, on Thursday so she could have a bit of a break before having to drive all the way back down to California again. She is an amazing person! She is going to be studying Pre-med with a FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP at St. Mary's in about three days. She is so smart and it was good to have a person here with me during Friday. And, she offered to watch the kids on Friday so Scott and I could go to the movies. That two and half hours felt like the only time we have really had since she was born. It felt so good to be in a car, out in public together but without one or both babies.

Isabella took to Alana instantly! I picked her up out of her crib from a nap and she walked in. Izzy took one look at her and decided she was in love. All weekend she would crawl after Alana and stare at her, play with her, show off, flirt. It was so cute!
Then June showed up on Saturday morning and Alana and I had gone to the store. Scott said that Izzy was so scared of June she was shaking. I feel sorry for both of them! Poor June just wanted to see her very first Great Granddaughter and Izzy thought it was me who had come home and got so scared. She refused to let her hold her and would not be in a room alone with her for even one second without crying. It was so sad.

Thankfully Adrien at least was nice to June. He wouldn't let her hold him either, but I think he knew that she was older and might not be able too. He did let her read to him on the couch, with Scott holding him.
June understood, and did manage to have a good time. She still has so much energy for an 84 year old woman. They left on Monday morning and made a stop in Oregon to visit her son again before heading home to California.

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