Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rainy Days

Lately it has been raining here. Last night I went out to the grocery store in what a thought was a break. Right as I pull up to the store the sky decides that now is the time to "let it rain" and I do mean RAIN! It was pouring. I sat in the car for a few, hoping it would slow down because I had left my jacket at home and only had a T shirt on. It hasn't been that cold. But about 10 minutes later I gave up and made a mad dash to the doors. It was done raining when I got out. But when I pulled up to our house it started again, worse than at the store. It quite literally soaked me. The thirty seconds it takes to run from the car to the house had more water pressure than my shower, granted that's not hard to do. I actually all in all haven't been minding the rain, we had a pretty serious heat wave last week. It was too humid and hot to really do anything outside. When I let Adrien go out he would come in a few minutes later and say "Hot." He does like to play in the rain, though. Puddles are absolutely irresistible. Getting the mail has turned into a wonderful foray into the long, wet grass and kicking up water on the driving. He just loves it.

My Aunt Katie and my cousins Amy and Sarah are in town (well, Seattle) and Scott, the kids and I are going to go see them tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it. Scott hasn't met much of my family and I finally got him to take a day off work to meet a few more. Quite frankly, I feel like it's about time, too. I have met almost all of his family and they come over or we go over to their houses quite often, which is really nice. But I also like to see my family from time to time as well.

Speaking of family, Samantha my sister is finally coming up here. She's been teasing me for months and has finally bought plane tickets (non-refundable!) and will be here for Labor Day. It think we are going to get tattoos! I found a very pretty celtic sisters knot that I want to do on my neck, and then when I go down to California I am going to persuade as many of my other sisters (Jennifer won't take much though!) to get it as well. If we get it, of course.

Welp, that's it for now. Pictures will be posted this weekend, Dad so keep a look out.

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