Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Playing in the yard

We barbecued hamburgers and some grilled eggplant (bad, very bad). The kids happily played in the yard while we cooked. It was so nice and they were definitely enjoying themselves. Isabella loves to be outside, she loves grass and dirt and anything really. She was definitely feeling mischievous tonight though. Every time we looked at her she was into something bad. First it was the dirt.....
Then she went over to the compost bin to check that out and poke it. Scott tried showing her the slide in the hopes that maybe she would be OK there.

A few minutes later, we were talking and looked over at her. This is what we saw. Our nine and half month old daughter, climbing up the slide. Then slowly sliding down. She is so strong!!

Adrien soon realized that she was using "his" toys and got jealous. This was taken just as he tried to kick her in the face. You can see his leg just starting to come up.

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Melody said...

They are so mischievous aren't they! Norah has discovered the ONE houseplant we have. It is in the back corner of our bedroom. Every time she's been quite for a while that is usually where I find her..... happily eating handfuls of dirt!