Tuesday, July 29, 2008

new toy

Adrien with his Grandma

Adrien went to his Grandma's house this past weekend. We dropped him off early Saturday morning. Isabella had an early doctor appointment in town and we were getting new tires for the car. To say that he had a blast would be a gross understatement. Grandma C had a work picnic to go to that day and the company** that she works for really cares about their employees. So, there was a jumpy house, a park, a lake, food and all sorts of fun involved. Not to mention that he was with Grandma C, Guy and Uncle Alex, who are three of his favorite people.
Saturday, Scott, Isabella and I went to a little cafe concert here in town that our neighbor was performing at. Here is the quicky post I did on that. We had a good time and Isabella was sure enjoying her time with us. Especially with Scott. I don't know quite what it is about him, but all babies have a thing for him. He has baby magic. Our kids are affected by it the most, when he walks in the room, I no longer exist. As jealous as I get sometimes (I mean who stays with them all day after all?!) it is nice to be able to be alone for a moment.
Sunday, we met Grandma C in the middle at a park. She had all sorts of goodies for the kids! Adrien got a new toy dump truck that is so awesome that both he and Isabella are fighting for it. Isabella received a very cute lil' Big Bird animal that she loves. That teething block is the best right now because she has almost all of her teeth coming in now. (No Joke!) She has some coming in on both the tops and bottoms and on both sides. It's crazy.

Isabella attacking Scott
Relishing her only childness for the day

With Grandma at the Park

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