Thursday, July 24, 2008

In the garden

One thing about this new old house that we are in that is so great is that there is plenty of room to garden. The bad thing about that is that we are quite literally starting it fresh. There was some plants here before we got here, but not much. Then what we did have planted and what was planted had been ruined when they boarded up the bottom of the house.
Now, I am starting fresh again. I have been slowly finding a few things for sale at Walmart. You really can't beat $3 roses and $1 perennials. I have a bit of the side area done and now am working on the back of the house. But I have to dig up the grass that has grown all over the place to make a place for some planting. I don't mind it so much, except that the grass roots are so tightly knit that it is taking about a solid 6" of dirt with it. Which means that I am probably going to have to find some free fill dirt on Craig's list or to the bane of myself and Scott... buy some. I am hoping that I will be able to find the free stuff soon. I have found some $4 lilac bushes on sale at Lowe's that I may be able to budget in this weekend. They are done blooming for this season, but next year they will be beautiful and the smell of lilacs I just love. I have managed to pick up a few things every week and so far this is what I've got.

This was here when we moved in, but it is looking much, much healthier now. Especially considering they killed off half of it.

Baby purple basil from seed

There is of course a few more things, but I have not had a chance to take pictures yet, so more will filter in here now and then.

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