Thursday, July 17, 2008

special shift

... more like the akward shift. Scott came home last night and informed me that he would be working a night shift tonight or technically Friday morning. Wha???

Let me explain. Have you ever driven down the freeway at night, like really late at night? On one of those late nights have you happen to run into a road crew? Well, if you're out on the road tonight, can you wave to my husband for me? He's out there, putting a crane together under some super bright "day lights" in the middle of the night. His shift starts tonight at 10:30 and they move the crane in after midnight. The reason for this madness is that no freeways in WA and most other states can be shut down for road work until after midnight through 5 am. They do not want to impede the flow of traffic.

So, tonight, just before I put Adrien down at 8, Scott left. Adrien waved goodbye, sighed and curled up in my lap. If only it were that easy for me.

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