Friday, July 25, 2008

children's games

It is so funny to read about how kids do not play together until they are about 3. Adrien and Isabella play all the time. They interact, they say things to each other, they chase each other and giggle and scream. It is very endearing and very scary all at the same time. Adrien is so much bigger than her and he is not an easy going kind of kid. He loves rough housing and full throttle chasing after people and screaming and jumping and rolling around. He's a boy, what do you expect right? Well lately he has taken to pushing around tables and chairs. He pushes them everywhere no matter who is in the way. Izzy has rather unfortunately taken a few tables in the rear because of this, but what really gets her is when he hits her fingers. She hates that.
On the bright side though, when they are playing together, nicely, they love it. You can see that they love each other. It's so cool! Here are a few pictures messily taken during a play session with the both of them.

Doesn't she look like June?

Speaking of June, a letter came the other day from her and the kids thought that they needed to read it too.

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