Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boys VS Girls

Yesterday evening I was watching my children and thinking how similar and different they are. My little girl just loves to growl.. where did she get that from, one might ask? Well, she got it from her brother. They chase each other and growl and they both really love food.
The differences however between the two are amazing. Isabella is a girl. (obvious, I know) She is cute and soft and loving. She totally relishes being a baby. She likes how small she is and how she fits so nicely against me or Scott. She is definitely enjoying this time in her life.
Adrien on the other hand, was so ready to be a boy that he did everything fast and with purpose. He grew fast, weighing in now at a whopping 33 lbs and at a hieght of almost 3 1/2 ft. He is HUGE! He crawled by 7 months, walked by 9 months and was running by 10 months.
Isabella started crawling at around 8 months and she was so deliberately waiting to do it. She would move in ways that suggested she knew how to crawl, but instead would ask to be held. When she finally did crawl it was to go after a plate of food that Scott had left on the floor. And she was so fast about it.
I just can't wait to see what other little weird things they are going to do and how they are going to be different and yet similar. They amaze me everyday and I want more.

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Melody said...

Isn't is amazing what unique little creatures they are. It is so fun to watch their little personalities blossom. I'm with you.......I want more too : )