Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just chillin'

Today has been a day of much needed quiet and rest with a dear friend.

Last night, two of my friends and I had a craft night at Lee's house and we all just sat knitting, painting and making earrings. Each our own different craft but together we had fun. Beer, chocolate and just plain friendship was a much needed thing for all three of us.

This morning, Lee and I just stayed home and knit, napped and watched Flight of the Conchords, which is downright hilarious by the way. Then we headed to the art store to pick up some more beads for Lee and a tattoo jar for me. A lovely day indeed.

We made dinner and then I headed home. I have been listening to a lot of Handful of Luvin' and Levi Ware lately. *melody you would love Levi* On the way home I had a mix CD of the two bands and it just absolutely fit my day so well.

I really, really miss the kids but realize that they are most likely having a great time with thier extended family down in California. My house just doesn't feel the same though. The presence that they add to my daily life is just absolutely irreplaceable. It is amazing how two little people can affect every fiber of your being just by being there.

Anyway, I am doing some midnight cleaning right now and then I am headed to bed. I hope that everyone is having a really wonderful holiday season and remembering what is important to them.

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Melody said...

Glad you are enjoying some relaxing time. I hope you're babies are coming home soon...I'm sure you miss them terribly!

Ooo..that is some good music. I really like his sound! Thanks for the tip : )