Sunday, December 4, 2011

well shit

It's been awhile hasn't it?

I apparently am no good at writing on here very often anymore. I all of a sudden have a really busy schedule and I guess I just keep forgetting to get my ass on here. However, in the spirit of new beginnings.... Here goes nothin'.

Update: The kids are great. They're 4 and 5 respectively. It shocks me, Adrien is a good marker for how long I've been here in Washington. 5 years. 5 years away from my family and the life I knew so well. Now, I can't imagine living back in California away from the family I've created here.

Me, I'm no longer at Whole Foods. I could not stand that job one more second and instead I found a really amazing job working with a local coffee roaster and tea company. They needed a baker and well, I needed to bake. I am living with my best friend Tara, Brandyn and a friend, Matt. We have a pretty large house and there is enough room for the kids. I know this seems unorthodox to probably most of the readers here but what would you do if you couldn't afford a place on your own? Would you rather live on the street? Nope and me either!

Well, I am going to sign off for now but I will be on here again soon. I can feel it. It's time.

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