Wednesday, August 5, 2009

oy vie and oh me gatos

Today the babes started at a new daycare of sorts. One of my work friend's wife is watching the kids. They are a Hispanic family and so speak only Spanish at home. I think this is wonderful. The kids will learn a second language or at least start too, and so will I.

Already I can say "5 minutes" in Spanish. I know, pathetic but you gotta start somewhere right?

The kids apparently handled the transition from english to spanish very well. Adrien only refusing to eat. Such a minor detail really, who needs food? Oh! That's right, everyone. Bella as always eats everything no matter how full or hungry she may be. Definitely her Momma's daughter, that girl.

Her name has a whole new sound when spoken by Miguel and his wife. It is so beautiful, exactly how it should sound. It makes me want to learn their language faster. So this weekend I am going to get an English to Spanish dictionary and an in the car spanish thing to learn a little faster.

I am pretty sure that Bella is going to pick up on it fast. She is just at that point where words are starting to have quite a bit of meaning and sound to them. She is trying to talk to bad. I am a little afraid of what that girl has to say because boy has she got some attitude! If you are not responding to Bella right when she wants she will pull on you, tug at you, put things in your hands and sometimes even try to pick you up. It's quite funny. Sometimes I purposefully ignore her to see how many different tactics she will pull out of her bag before she starts screaming. It might be mean, but I am her mother so mean is in the job description. Better she learn that early on, right?

Adrien is still persistant with the potty training. Our only downfall is pooping. It sometimes does not happen in the toilet. But I figure that this one is going to be a bit harder to teach him than peeing. He even did well at Miguel's house. He does feel the need to pull his underwear and pants completely off to go to the bathroom though, which gets a little annoying. Especially when you are in Target holding a cranky Bella, in a small stall waiting for him to get himself situated to pee, stand there for 5 minutes while he decides that maybe he deosn't need too afterall, then put his clothes back on. But at least he is doing it. At least he is doing it. At least he is doing it. ( I figure if I repeat it I might believe it)

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Anonymous said...

All so very true! Glad that the potty training is going well. Awesome that the babies get to learn Spanish! That will be worth so much to them later esp. if you keep them exposed to it! I love the update...BUT WHERE ARE THE PICS YOUNG LADY! I NEED PICS AND I NEED THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!