Sunday, August 9, 2009

In the wild

I take the kids out as often as I have the energy for and they of course love it. I am so excited because tomorrow I am starting a new shift! Instead of working at 4:30 am, I am now starting at 8 am. I think this is going to give me and the kids a much easier time getting a schedule going. The only downfall is not as much (if any) overtime any more which means less money coming in. But it is easier for Scott to have a job this way and that is important too. Even though we are not together we still have to work together to make life better for the kids.

Today we went to a new park, for us anyway, Idylwood. It is a really fun place. There is a beach, a play structure and a little bit of a walking trail to go on. We heard about it from our hopefully new playmates! I will expand on this later. But I found a friend for the kids and her name is Madison. She's got to be the cutest baby in the world next to Bella! She is only a little younger than Bella and hopefully they will get along well.

Other than that, the babysitter is going quite well. She is very concerned about Adrien's eating habits however as they are pretty much nonexistent. Especially compared to Bella's amazing hunger for everything around her. Adrien knows Bano (bathroom, just in case) and a few other words already. He doesn't say them but he knows what they mean. I asked him today if he had to use the bathroom in Spanish and he said yes. My goal is to get them to say muchas gracias soon. And of course, Adios and Hola. Those should be simple.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you have job still, was worried for a lil bit there. Hope that the play mate does work out! Does this mean that you can come visit soon? Well, thinking of you and the lil ones, call a sister soon!