Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Whole Family

Today, we had a store meeting at work. It started at 6 am, which means that I had to leave the house at about 5, after working until 10:15 last night. I was a little worried, because my babysitter is more of an afternoon sitter, not a morning person. I had heard that we are allowed to take our babies iwth us and last night I double checked with the Store Leader, Mindy. She said absolutely! Not only are we allowed, we are encouraged!

So... the kids and I packed into the car, all sleepy and warm to head out to Whole Foods. I was a bit nervous. If you have ever met my children, you would understand that they are quite the handful. Two toddlers running around creating a lot of energy. But right away they were embraced, quite literally with open arms by everyone. The first hour was spent in the bakery going over the new items and holiday specials. The kids, still very sleepy, hung around me coloring and playing with two of our baristas. Then, after giving hugs to their new friends, we joined the rest of the store for the remainder of the meeting and the Whole Foods Redmond Olympics. People were picking the kids up, hoisting them on thier shoulders and playing with them. Everyone loved them and the kids had a great time. Going upstairs to clock out, one person helped Adrien and another helped me with Bella's elephant, which is just as big as her.

What is so amazing to me, is that Whole Foods has from the start said that they are a family. That once you start working there you are part of that family. And while I felt comfortable with my teammates and have already made many friends it was very endearing to me today to see how true that family environment actually is. I am so happy that I got this job and have met all of these amazing people.

I think I just might be a Whole Foody!

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Kymber said...

congratluations - i am glad that you feel a part of a family!

i am a new follower - i followed you here from the o'melay's blog...i really liked your comment!

anyway - it now looks like i have some archive reading to do!

keep up the smiles and the journey. it's people like you who change the world girl! step up and be proud!

your new friend!