Wednesday, March 19, 2008

baby in the middle of night

last night Scott and I watched I Am Legend, with Will Smith. It was quite intense, maybe because of the late hour or maybe because it actually is. I'll never know. Just as it was finishing up, Isabella decides that she wants to eat and play with us. So, I feed her and then we lay her on the floor to play for a few minutes before we put her back to bed. I have found that usually this technique works for her, as all she really wants is some time alone with us. She sometimes get startled with Adrien around because he screams like a banshee.
We let her play for about 45 minutes, Scott got his lunch together and I hung with her. After a while, Scott came over and for some reason, all of my
babies have an obsession with Daddy. The minute he enters their orb Mama doesn't exist and the bluest eyes I have ever seen become fixed upon the one goal, DADDY. Once she has seen the Daddy, she starts to scream, giggle and flirt. Her eyebrows go up and down, her eyes get bigger. She is a natural, the boys are going to be all over her later. One of her favorite things to do with the Daddy is to nuzzle. She lays there expectantly looking at him lifting her chin just a teensy bit while flaring her little nostrils. Finally Scott comes in and nuzzles her, you would think that Buddha came off the mountain with how excited she gets. She just absolutely can not contain herself. She starts wiggling and giggling even more, then she screams again and again until he stops. It's funnier than all get out as my aunt would say.

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