Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We had an interesting Easter. Isabella finally decided to start sleeping, all day and all night. On the exact opposite frame of mind was my son. Adrien did not sleep all weekend. No naps, barely any sleeping at night. Normally we would have just taken it in stride and for the most part I think we did alright. We just let him do his own thing. He was so obviously asserting his independence. AT 1 1/2, he tends to do things in a "Terrible Two's" style. Everything has to be questioned and tested and tried over and over again. If Scott and I should have opposing views as to what should be said No to and what is a Yes, all heck breaks loose. Adrien is screaming, throwing his head on the floor or against a wall. My personal favorite is when we are holding him on our hip and he suddenly throws himself backwards screaming as you scramble to try and keep hold of him. That is so much fun.
There was this sort of odd, really beautiful moment at the grocery store. We were checking out and Adrien, ever the escape artist, started to stand up in the cart. I looked at him and sternly said, "Adrien, sit down right now, that is not safe." And in what seemed to be slow motion, he did it. He actually listened to me on the first try! I am a good parent, I am, I am! I can't tell you what that moment did for me. It was sheer bliss, it was chocolate raspberry truffles with a glass of white wine. It was the best thing that has happened in weeks. I am still high from that moment.
On another note, I heard from my AuntyMommy today. I call her AuntyMommy because I am really close with her. She had a hysterectomy very young and really really wanted a baby about the time that I was born. I think that even though we were meant to be close, this helped strengthen our bond. We both feel like she should have been my mother. The universe just made a mistake. Anyway, between the two kids and trying to take a shower everyday, it is really hard to keep in contact with anybody right now. She is super busy too. She works for Kaiser and checks the hospitals for things that should be fixed, that they are following OSHA regulations, etc. She travels a lot and has an adopted son, Jason, who is like a brother to me. So, she is quite busy herself. I got an email from her today and it just made me feel so good to hear from her. I miss her so much.
And while they are still snoozing (miraculously) at the same time I am going to attempt a quick shower and shave. Wish me luck!

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