Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby girl no more

My little girl is growing up and just plain growing. We have been noticing of late that she is done with her little mini crib, with her head smooshed against one side and her feet tightly pressed against the bars on the other. And so while we discussed the idea of a new, bigger crib to get her through just a little bit longer we came to the conclusion that she will sleep in Adrien's old toddler bed now. We were very apprehensive, we went through so much with Adrien and that bed. We had to move him into it early because of his head banging on the crib, then realized we would have to do just the mattress on the floor and pad the corners of his room. When we finally did decide that he could be back on a bed we had to pad the corners and make sure that if he did bang his head on it it would not cause any damage.
Scott sat Isabella down yesterday and told her that we would be moving her into the big bed after her nap and that at night she would be sleeping in it. Then a little while later we put her down for her nap, in the crib. She was so mad at us. I was checking on her and she kept pointing at the little bed and screaming. Finally after talking it over with Scott, we put her in it and have had no problems. She slept in it last night, without falling off and no falling yesterday during her nap. It is amazing to me how much better she is at adjustment than Adrien. He takes everything so personally whereas Isabella is a go with the flow kind of gal.

Today we will pack up the crib and wait to bring it out for the all too soon day that we move her into a twin bed. It will make an interesting head board, what with all her stubborn tooth marks all over it.

P.S. I'll take a picture of her today in her little bed.

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