Thursday, February 26, 2009

stressed out

Today was a very bad day for Scott and I... we've been kind of barely hanging on lately with our finances and today we started our monthly budget for March and realized that we've reached the end of the rope. He's been unemployed for five months and everything we had is gone. We are going to have to utilize some help from welfare, if we can. Food stamps and what not. I don't know what else to do really. Scott and I are looking at all of our options and he is thinking about switching careers, too. We've done some research and many of the county sheriff and police stations have availabilities right now. He set up his test date and has applied. He takes his written and physical tests starting on March 30th. Other than that he is going to stay in the Union for Operating Engineers and keep all of his testing up to date in case he decides to go back to that. Right now though, if he passes the tests he can obtain a regular, monthly salary and with two kids that is what has to happen. We've talked about me putting school on hold, again. But the fact is that if I stopped attending I would have to start making payments on my loans for the quarter and if I don't keep at it this time, I am afraid I will end up just not going back. I can't take that and neither can Scott. I was gone, for so long and our marriage and our every day suffered for it. We've tried to be as positive as possible about everything and saying that he is going to get a job soon, it just never seems to come and it is starting to seriously affect everything and everyone in this house. We are so stressed out and trying to ignore it for 5 months has definitely caught up with us. We are behind on so many things that were put aside or that we've paid the bare minimum for and it just isn't possible to go on like that for any longer. We just don't. know. what. to. do. and that is such a scary place to be.

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