Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Sister

To those of you reading who know our family, someone in it is doing something special. To those who don't, this someone is just one of the many amazing women in my life.

My sister is taking on the ultimate female challenge. Body Bliss. It is such an awful thing when as a young woman, you have to face something as tormenting as your own body. Is there any other torture that is as painful? Your body is your temple, we are told. Your temple being a direct reflection on something or anything in your life that may be wrong or difficult to understand. As women, our bodies tend to show any worry, stress and happy feeling that we have. It is the window into the trials of our lives. As men age or get stressed for the most part, they end up looking better with age and worry lines. The extra cushion around their belly is ignored by everyone and never are they judged for the dimples on their asses.

That being said, she is taking on an amazing personal challenge. She has started writing about it here. It is funny and insightful and sure to be touching and amazing. She is smart and quick witted, I encourage everyone to check this out and offer your support as a woman, as a friend and for me... as a sister. Because right now, she could use a few sisters.

This does bring about my topic for tonight, as Samantha is trying out new types of excersise and gym activities. I have taken up running. I started a little before Christmas, but the weather brought me down. However about two months ago, I started it back up again and I love it. Now, if you knew me when I was in high school you would say that I was lying. But I do. I love to run. I love to run in the woods by the beach. I do not like to run in the street. I do not like to run on the sidewalk. I like to be in my own spot, on my own trail and in hte middle of it... I stop at a tree that sticks out over the beach from the edge of the cliff. The drop is only about 5 feet to the water but it makes me feel good to sit there and have my time. Time that is only my own and no one else's. I like to feel the squish of the mud under my shoes which does remind me that I need to get a new pair. I like to run in the morning when the birds are getting thier breakfast and when I feel like just maybe, I'm the first one to be there today. It is amazing. And as Samantha said about her bike ride, you feel good. You feel energized and yes, just a little bit thinner at the end of the day.

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