Thursday, March 12, 2009

Only 9:45

And already it's looking to be like kind of an odd day. A few days ago we had a small problem with our electrical system and this morning the electrician made it out and it's a bit worse than we thought. The landlords are out of town and doing everything they can, the parts for this old house aren't exactly readily available which creates a problem. We are running only a few things at once right now, paying close attention to how we use it. Personally I don't exactly feel like this is a huge inconvenience. I am constantly trying to get Scott to be more aware of how we are using the electricity, but it is a challenge. We love our comforts, right? The coffee pot plugged in at all times, the TV plugged in (not turned on) all day, the hot water heater always ready to go at the turn of a knob and the refrigerator... always cold. I think the only serious downside to what happened is that we both have interviews today. His is at 11:30 for a part time sort of job. Basically it is an on call job that he gets paid for if he goes to work, but if not he only gets one hour of pay. That's why I call it a sort of job. My interview is at Portalis, in Ballard. I am nervous. I want this job so bad. To start out at a wine place would be SOO cool! So, to all of our loved ones reading this please oh please oh please wish us luck!!

Hope you're day is going a little less wacky than ours. Or if it is wacky... hopefully it's a good wacky.

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