Sunday, March 29, 2009

There are times

When you just need to get out of the house. Today is one of those. Yesterday was relaxing and I needed that. But today, I want to be busy. I want to clean, I want to cook, I want to go to the beach. I know that at least one of those things is happening, and thankfully it's the beach.

Scott has been immensely helpful these past few weeks with my finals. He has taken the kids under his wing and gently prodded them away from my open computer to an activity better suited to rambunctious toddlers. This afternoon after the nap time I am taking them away for a bit to hopefully give him some respite.

We will head to my favorite place. Deception Pass.

I have this new friend who thinks that I'm a little crazy for loving Deception Pass so much. But I can't help it. The view, the feeling, the smell it all just gets me right at my soul. I feel at home there and comfortable. I feel like me. There is just one thing that I do not like about it there and that is the wind. But the wind is everywhere here, so it is something that I can forgive my place for.

Tuesday I go in for orientation at the new job. I can't wait!

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