Friday, April 3, 2009

A reason

They sit in the water as if it is thier home. I know that feeling, I long for it. TO be submerged in a world all your own. Hearing the water as it languidly moves against your body. The single heartbeat, all your own. Toes on the edge, nails painted red. And just as the steam starts to rise off your stomach, there it is; weightlessness. And joy. And relief. There is... God. Or whatever God is.
Water is the only place I've ever felt that until Deception. I don't know why. I'm able to pray there, though. And give thanks and let my worries slip away with the waves and the sounds of the water on the shore.
As I start my run I hear the cars and bridge traffic. After a few moments and a few breaths I realize all I hear now is the forest waking up. There is the sound of my feet hitting the squishy, soft forest floor. The decaying pine needles cushioning my step. Barefoot. I want to run barefoot here. To feel the mud rise between my toes. Cold, wet and natural.
Birds offer the music to my forest cathedral. It is not just thier chirping and singing but the whishing of thier wings in flight against the thump thump thump of my feet. It is just enough of a song to keep me going.
There is life everywhere here. It is even on the rocks. Little cactus looking flowers. Maybe a succubus of some kind I think. Lichen, paling to an almost white sage as spring closes in finally. It has been a ahrd winter. Snow, rain, Cold. Oh! the cold!
As i near my half way mark, I head to the beach. It is sunny this morning and 37^F. I want to rest and soak it in. Be thankful for it. Minutes pass and I tear myself away from this warm little heaven to keep going.
I get close to the bridge and slow down to a walk. I like to hear civilization as I come back to it. To remember what I just had and what I am going into. A world filled with endless distraction and reactions. A world that needs... something.

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