Sunday, April 12, 2009


has infected the house. It's such a bummer.

Thankfully for the most part it isn't too much of a cold. There is a runny nose and headache. But the worst part about this is the throat pain. It is brutal! And we all have it. Adrien's walkin' around with boogies hangin' out of his nose. Isabella keeps coughing and looking at us like "WHY!?"

I did manage to squish in some fun last night with some friends from high school and a few new people that they knew from Digipen. We went to this brewery and drank copious amounts of beer while listening to this amazing band! They're name is Handful of Lovin'. They have an excellent sound and the fiddler/violinist is by far the best part about this band. His work is beautiful! Check them out! I'm gonna go see them again next month at the Haul Ash ending party. Can't wait!

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