Monday, June 16, 2008

On another note

I have been reading the Shutter Sisters blog lately and I love it. The images are moving, the tips are smart and the writing is good. Today they ask us to share a picture of something that has moved us deeply, no matter how small. My first instinct was my Grandmother, but I have no pictures of her... so my second instinct is my children. And, here they are...

The hands are Isabella's, just a few weeks after she was born. I was feeding her, looked down and wanted to cry they were so cute and perfect and beautiful.

These are Adrien's first steps. His walking was so amazing. He was nine and a half months old and so excited! All he could do when he reached Scott or I was scream with excitement and then turn around and do it again. I think this lasted an hour or so. It was so, so cool.

When I was younger the things that moved me were so much different. I can remember looking at my sister and thinking that he hair was so amazing. Brown, red, blonde, black all in one curly flowing mess. She of course hated it. But, that's what sisters are there for, to remind each other of the things that are beautiful and to tell you when your butt looks fat.

What has moved you or made you laugh lately?

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