Wednesday, November 5, 2008

good, cool Mama

Yesterday I was reading a blog that I get a lot of inspiration from. Inspiration to do things that are beautiful and good not only for my children but for other people's as well. SouleMama has come up with a very cool, very good project for all the Mamas out there. The idea behind her project is pretty simple and rural. It is Mamas doing good for other Mamas. Something that before the age of technology and silicone valley we all were doing anyway. Somewhere along the way that stopped or rather slowed to a halt. And why? What for... really. Have we become too feminist in our ideals to accept help from other women. No one can do it all, not even a man so why are women out there trying? And why are we who are living in an intensely more fortunate world not helping those who are living not just in poverty but in filth and danger every day? That is the idea behind Mama to Mama. It is is a woman with more helping a woman with less. It could be many women with more helping many women with less if we all put the word out in whatever way that we can.
CLICK HERE to be taken to the website for Mama to Mama and check out SouleMama's first project. It's The Caps to Cap-Haitien Project: A Partnership with Konbit Sante. A few old tee's and a sewing machine or possibly a 100% cotton ball of yarn can make a cap for a newborn baby and possibly save it's life. She has a pattern and a list of questions and answers. If you have more please email her. It's a wonderful project and I hope that all who can help, will.

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