Tuesday, November 25, 2008

cookies, the hair, the timeout chair

The other day I made some oatmeal cranberry cookies and Adrien helped. He had his own little bowl and I put in a bit of brown sugar, oats, flour and vanilla. He loved it! He has been so excited about cooking recently. Every time I am cooking he pulls up a chair to watch and add something. I have learned to keep a little bit of water in a measuring cup so that he can help add ingredients without ruining anything.

Scott and I have noticed an increasing amount of testing coming from him as well. We do this thing where we count to three and if he hasn't started to do what we ask by the time we get to three he gets a timeout. This last weekend, Adrien was bouncing with a little grin on his face while Scott was doing the counting. Funny but annoying all at the same time. So, to the timeout chair he went.

Isabella finally has enough hair for me to do something with!! I am so excited, I picked up some barrettes at Walmart and have been trying a few different things with it. I feel sorry for her, but in the end she looks so cute! She has been so excited about walking lately, especially outside. She loves to stomp in the grass and fall in the mud. She tends to go the exact opposite way as Adrien though so to keep an eye on them both outside is starting to get difficult.

Well, hope all of you have a lovely day and if I don't get to post again before Thanksgiving have a good one.

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