Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hey Lady

Yesterday Scott, Adrien, Isabella and I were at WalMart getting diapers and such. I was browsing the clearance pajama bottoms and Scott and Adrien walked up to me. All of a sudden Adrien gets his excited face on, gasps and walks quickly away from us. Scott turns to go get him and sees him about six feet away talking to a young lady, smiling giving it his all. Then he decides it's time for him to go so he says "bye bye" and blows this lady a kiss and pats her hand as he leaves to come back to us. He was so proud of himself, his little chest was all puffed up and he was standing tall.

Two years old and already he's a ladies man... we sure have some problems headed our way when he gets into high school.

ps the give away has been delayed one week due to the ladies man being 103.8 degrees under the weather the past few days. Rescheduled for Wednesday, November 12th.

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