Sunday, November 9, 2008

What to do

Today we dropped Scott off at his Mom's house to start his way back up to training. He will be there for four weeks, coming home on the weekends if possible. To tell you the truth I am actually looking forward to the break this time. I think Scott and I are getting pretty sick of each other since he's been off work for so long now. On the bright side, he has had two dispatch calls since being home, so as soon as he is done this time he just may get a job faster than we thought. Cross your fingers.

The kids were totally fine today after we came home. No fits, no "Where's Dad?!" and then a screaming fit. Just good, tired but refusing to sleep children. I did finally get them to bed.. before eight which is in this house a miracle. If you've ever seen how Adrien fights sleep you know what I mean. Now, I am just sort of pondering what to do with my time. I want to knit, but so far today I have had to unravel a portion of my sock three times... so I am wondering if that is even a good idea anymore. You never know, maybe I'll go to bed early!

Hah... that's funny. We all know one of them is going to wake up just as I get comfortable.

And by the way, I know you saw that Obama won!! Isn't that amazing. I am so happy that I was able to vote and be a part of such a historical time. Scott and I bought a newspaper the next day and each wrote a little of what we were feeling to remind us when the kids get into school and ask us. I can't wait. You never know, maybe by that time we'll have a female president...

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