Friday, October 31, 2008

Frog Love and Socks

Yesterday afternoon as we were unpacking groceries, Scott saw a tree frog outside. He decided to bring it in for a few minutes to show the kids. As you can imagine, they were very excited. Adrien was very loud about the whole thing and scared the frog just a bit. Isabella, as always, was very calm and curious. She has always been this way around animals.

We watched the little guy jump from our living room all the way to the kitchen and almost under the refrigerator. Poor Isabella hardly got to see him at all because Adrien was all over the place. At one point Scott tried to let the kids touch him, Adrien freaked out and said "GROSS!" He is definitely my son.

Isabella really liked it though and I was able to get this shot of her attempting to touch him again.
Other than that though, we are laying low for Halloween. It is easy to do this year since the kids are so young. Scott and I don't think we are going to be so lucky next time. Adrien is picking up on holiday events very fast and is intensely curious why everyone is dressed weirdly. The weather has taken a turn for the wetter and we have been staying mostly in the house. We were able to get almost all of our wood split, chopped and stacked before it got too wet.

I have been very busy today. I started with casting on for my very first sock knitting. I am so excited! I have not only taught myself to knit, but I am now teaching myself how to knit a sock with five needles. Quite frankly, I am feeling pretty proud of myself right now.

Then I attempted to make a sour dough, which I unfortunately let get too warm during the rising process and killed my starter yeast. This really sucks because I can't try again for about a week as I used almost all of my starter in the dough and am now making another. I was really looking forward to some bread tonight...

Oh! That reminds me. I am doing a giveaway on Wednesday, November 5th (my birthday) of some new things I will be posting in my shop this month. Keep your eye open for some cool things coming up!

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