Monday, October 27, 2008

firewood, fire

I mentioned last week that we received a large amount of wood, and this weekend was spent chopping our way through quite a bit of it. The wood was still in rounds from the tree and was sometimes a bit hard to get through, but we managed to do about half of it. And our wood pile continues to grow. This week we will go do some work for another person's house in exchange for a few more trees worth of wood.

On Sunday morning we had a small but significant scare. Our back porch caught on fire because I accidentally left ashes on a stair thinking I would get to them in a few minutes. We were awake, thank God at 4:30 that morning and the house was smokey. After checking the fire in the stove, we started to look around the house. As we made our way to the bathroom Scott saw flames shoot up off the stair outside. We dumped water on it and then filled up the tub to dump more water with buckets. We called the fire department, but it was out before they came. We were very lucky in that we are safe and there was hardly any damage at all. We do have to replace a stair, a few 2x4's and put siding back on the house but that's it. I don't think I have ever been that scared in my life, though. I did run to the neighbors house with Isabella, all the kids clothes and Adrien and Scott came just a few minutes later. We did learn a very, very valuable lesson and are so grateful to be safe and sound.

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John said...

OK that did it NO MORE PLAYING WITH MATCHES did I not teach you any thing when you were a little kid!!!!! Oh that's right you never listened......What did you say???? Glad everybody is ok Love DAD