Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's This?

Today, Scott had to go to the doctors to get his CDL (commercial driving license) physical taken care of. Since I had to run a few errands anyway, I figured I would take the kids and we would just wait for Scott. Two hours later, I had heard "What's this?" from Adrien so many times I wanted to scream and we didn't even go into the office with him! And it didn't stop there, all day long we have been hearing this, over and over again.

Then all of a sudden at dinner, he was standing in his chair and took a huge gulp of milk. He looked at Scott with surprise and said, "Nice! Ahhhh... Hmm Umm." It was pretty cute and definitely a relief from all the "what's."

We are actually very relieved he is beginning to commmunicate because his temper tantrums have decreased considerably. If he can't say what he wants and we don't ask him if he wants it he trys to point us in the right direction and say "this." Things have been much easier around here since his little speech bubble popped.

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Melody said...

I love it when they finally start communicating verbally. I can't wait for Norah to start talking more. Right now everything thing is "Dada!" Oh, and "num, num." She's got that on down : )