Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Five things I'm loving

I am taking a note from SouleMomma's blog here and showing you the things I am loving right now.

1. This is actually a picture from last week. We had a very warm day and had taken the kids to the park. This is one of my favorite parks in the area. Isabella was finally allowed to play on the structure. She really loves going upstairs lately and we figured this would be a very good place for it. She would crawl up the stairs and then go down the slide. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of her going down the slide. I was catching her instead.

2. A salamander or a newt... we weren't sure. Which is probably a sign that we should have paid more attention in biology growing up. We found this little guy under the recycling bin as we were cleaning up after a windy storm yesterday. We tried showing Adrien but he just kept asking us "What's that?" repeatedly.

3. Wood piles. This is more of a love hate relationship actually. I love to have the wood heat, I love the way a neatly stacked wood pile works, but I hate when they fall over. Scott and I had just moved our wood and built a new holder for it, and it broke the very next day. The screws we used were not strong enough. We have rebuilt and now Scott is on his way home with more wood.

4. Accidental forts. I was actually trying to get this blanket to dry today and threw it over Adrien's table in the living room. He hid in there and decided to take a nap. Very cute. I was able to coax him out for some lunch though.

5. My babies. Isabella's first birthday is coming up next week and I am excited to make her a little cupcake. Adrien is going to be two the week after. It is just so amazing to me that these two tiny people are in my life. They are hard work but fun.

**as a side note, I have a phone meeting with the admissions department for the Art Institute of Seattle. I am looking into their culinary program. They have night classes and I so want to go back to school next semester.

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John said...

Ok Izzy looks like she is having fun, the newt?? looked like he was asleep (was this before you cooked him for Adrian's dinner?)
I am glad you are thinking of going back to school you are a good cook now I am sure you will excell at this. Thanks for the pictures love you Dad