Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Walkin and talkin

Isabella has officially started walking. For the past few weeks it has been more of a chance occurrence, but the last few days she has been trying to walk everywhere she goes. It is very cute. So much different from how Adrien started, which was fast and furious. Isabella is much more deliberate and slow. She makes sure that she can put her feet down on a particular spot and if she does go fast it is pretty funny. She holds her hands up like she is going to fly and kind of just moves her feet as fast as she can. Usually this ends up with her face meeting the carpet, but that's how they learn, right?

Adrien has also hit a milestone of late. We are constantly hearing new words fly out of his mouth. The favorites of the week are "uh-OH" and "HELP." The other night Scott was holding him, trying to get him to calm down for bed time and he gave me this very sad look and said "help..." while reaching his arms out to me. Of course I didn't because he needed to go to sleep, but it was cute.

Other than that, we are continuing to chop wood and stack it. I am working on two essays, one for my application and one for a scholarship. Scott is looking to get some testing done pretty soon here so that he can get his Crane certifications and become a full fledged crane operator. OH! That reminds me, he passed and received his CDL license! What an achievement it was too. The truck he had been practicing on for two weeks, broke down two days before the test. So he had to take the test on a much larger vehicle than he was used to. He did well though.

Have a good day everyone and enjoy what's left of our sunshine!

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