Saturday, October 4, 2008

Where I'm At

Right now, I am sitting upstairs listening to the quiet that is my house sleeping. Isabella is down for a nap, Adrien and Scott are downstairs working on one. I am smelling dinner in the oven, a wonderful piece of meat... a roast I got at Safeway for $8.37 a few weeks ago. I froze it and have now defrosted it because Scott and I are in the mood for something tasty tonight. I put a rub of rosemary, pepper, salt, sage, garlic, garlic and oh.. garlic, with some "all purpose" seasoning on it. Then I stuffed a few more cloves of garlic and rosemary twigs on the inside just to make sure it tasted fantastic. Have I mentioned that I love garlic? I do. Scott is learning, but I want our kids to know what fantastic things you can do with it.

We went out in the "weather" today. Really it was only just windy, but the weather channel said it was supposed to storm quite badly this weekend. I think we got hit with it last night because our trash cans flew across the yard and hit the slides. We were feeling really thankful that they were empty this morning.

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John said...

sounds like you need some noise in that house, you kids never let Jen or I sleep, maybe Adrian needs to wake up and keep you company!!!! or just get more kids!!! invite their friends over for a sleep over, that should do it...... Dinner sounds good let me know, I'm having chicken salad, now that is good, only because you prepared it for me,thanks I needed that.... Well have to go take care of the dogs you know how they get, Luigi is siting here growling at me I think he wants to play ball
Love Dad (Ompa)