Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder


First of all let me say I am sorry to my Dad and my Aunt Enes. I think they are the only two people who read this somewhat often. And, of course thank you as well for loving our little family so much that you want to read about us.

Then, let me say that I have been incredibly busy. We went to Dad's house in Oregon on September 19th and stayed for a few days. A very nice visit. It felt so good to see you Dad! I really have missed you and am so excited that you now live closer. I have one picture of that visit on my camera and the rest are on his, so he is going to email me when he can get a new camera cord. But I am not posting pictures today, my camera is downstairs and I am feeling a bit lazy.

Scott was laid off from his job due to a lack of work, he has been at home. I have been trying to keep us busy and out of each others hair with little projects and rearranging the house, doing yard work, etc. Unfortunately I do not think it's working as well as I'd hoped. I was also hoping that he would have been at training or back to work for someone by now. However, he is going to be in training on the 13th of this month through the 17th and then again the 20th through the 24th. His wonderful Grandmother Marcia is going to be here with us the second week to make sure I don't go crazy with just two kids to talk to. Thank God for her! I am really not looking forward to it, as I never am of course. This time it is going to be particularly hard on the kids because he has been home for a month with them now. I don't know how Adrien is going to handle it. As Dad and anyone else who has seen Adrien and Scott together can attest to, that kid is really, really attached. I think that after a few days he'll be fine, he has adjusted well in the past... excluding that awful fit on the street. I'm thinking that having the yard right outside is going to help this time.

I have a few recipes to share later in the week and of course pictures coming soon. We have been hitting up a few parks and doing a few things out and about amongst the fall cleaning. I am hoping to get out on a hike tomorrow before it gets too cold again. Have a good night everyone!

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