Saturday, December 13, 2008

At last

At last Adrien is putting himself to sleep, it only took two years and two months but we made it through. He does still come into our bed sometimes but I am willing to deal with that. He is such a grown up little boy. We are starting the potty training process, inspired by Melody over at They Call Me Mama and her experience with Elliot. We did a few test runs with him to see if he was really ready for it and on Monday we are planning a whole day of it for him. I am hoping that he will be completely trained during the day by the time we get to Oma and Ompa's house for the holiday. I don't know what day we are leaving, but I know that it will be after Saturday next week and I think that if he can do it, he will. We have of course decided to take it pretty easy on him, he is just now 2. If he starts to show signs of unready and/or unwillingness I believe we will keep him in diapers a bit longer. So far though, he is stoked! He loves the "big boy" underwear and has already tried going pee standing up. He has always caught on to the physical side of life faster than the verbal so I have high hopes that this will go just as easily.

In the meantime, we are going to finish up some sugar and gingerbread cookies tonight. Tomorrow I will bring some to the nieghbors and then I am going to make some shortbread cookies. It is snowing and so I know we will be bundled up here for a few days so the worst of the storm will be spent knitting a few gifts, watching movies, making popcorn and hot cocoa. I have enchiladas in the oven and tomorrow it is chili and cornbread ( can you tell Scott is home? Much more "Man Food" on my menu lately, that's for sure. ) I think after that I am going to make some chicken soup and put some in the freezer.

We were gifted about half a cord of cedar today and just in time, too. We bought wood a few weeks ago and got jipped by about a third of a cord, which is incredibly frustrating. I didn't know, as I haven't actually seen a cord of wood before and was home alone with the kids when the wood was delivered, but that's life and we have chalcked it up to a learning lesson... expensive as it was.

It's beginning to look and feel a lot like winter here... makes me long for the summer.