Friday, December 19, 2008

Loving right now

Things I'm loving right now

1. That my head aches are gone! Whoopee!!

2. These icicles on my roof... they are so beautiful but my camera does no justice.

3. My Husband!!

4. This little guy's love/hate relationship with the snow. He loves to play in it and eat it, but the second any of it touches his face he freaks out.

5. Sibling love... and maybe not so much love. Do you see the look on her face?!

6. How much these kids love their Daddy. They hold still to take a picture with him, but when we switch it's a whole other story.

7. Just how cute my daughter is.

8. Did I mention I love how cute my daughter is?

9. The tub toys that Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Jeff and Clover sent the kids for Christmas. We opened them early because I knew just how awesome they were going to be. The kids love them!

10. The fact that we are headed out to see my parents soon! I can't wait, I keep wishing away the storms so that when they're ready we can just hop in the car and go. Thankfully though, we have chains now and don't have to worry too much about the weather anymore.

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