Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Head case

New to the world of migraines? Me too. I have been getting them the past two months more and more frequently and worse in severity. Over the counter meds have stopped working and yesterday and last night were my worst since they started almost two years ago when I was pregnant with Isabella.

I went to the doctor today and have found that stress is probably the reason, along with not enough water and sleep. Stress, not enough sleep and water... now, how could that happen? I left with a prescription to try and ease the pain. After sitting at the pharmacists for an hour waiting, I came home and took my pill. Twenty minutes later I felt worse than I did before. Scott reigned the kids in as quietly as possible for an hour while I hid in our room attempting sleep and still. I emerged with a woozy stomach and aching back, but the pain in my head... finally! GONE. A bath and a small back rub later I felt almost better. I have had to take the evil pain relieving pill one more time tonight and am hoping that I do not have to take it again for quite some time. Scott has promised another back and neck rub for me in a few minutes and then I think I am headed to bed.

Many people in my family suffer from migraines and up until now I am have been so lucky to not be in that group. I have a whole new and deep appreciation for the strength it takes to look someone in the eye when you feel that badly.. or drive home, work, make dinner and raise 5 kids. How amazing and crazy you all must have been to even get out of bed in the morning.

p.s. Isabella's new thing is to sit on the couch and rub her head on some cushions for a minute or two until she gets this hair do going... I found it utterly appropriate for this posting.

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Melody said...

Oh I am so sorry!

Migraines suck! I have only had a few, usually when I am pregnant. I did have one about a month ago.....on my birthday! Nice timing : (

It is so easy, as a mama of two tiny ones to not take care of ourselves. They're just so darn demanding!!

Praying that the meds will work and you'll be feeling better soon!