Monday, January 19, 2009

much to his dismay

I have found my spring/summer project for the year. It is THIS. How to make soap. Not melt down some glycerin from Micheal's kind of soap but real, homemade soap! I think, if I can pull it off it will be pretty darn cool. And, what great Christmas gifts to give next year! A little homemade soap with some gloves, hat or scarf or maybe some soap and a nice set of washcloths! Oh the possibilities...

I have kind of realized that for the most part, I generally teach myself something new every year. Last year it was knitting, the year before that papermaking and before that it was flower arranging. I just know there is so much to learn out there, that I can't stop and beyond that. Also, I think that eventually it would be nice to know how to make everything I would need if something were to happen. Nothing like being resourceful, eh?

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karl said...

tansy taught us to make soap this past summer. what a wonderful resource to have at your disposal.