Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Scott and I put the kids to bed a tad later than normal and let them have some juice before bed... and still they went to sleep very fast. We on the other hand went to bed around 10... early for us. But it felt good to start the new year off with rest and a good feeling about life.

We spent our Christmas with Oma and Opa in Oregon and had a wonderful time. Aunty Heather is so good with the kids! Here are a few pictures and a few more will undoubtedly pop up on here every few days or so the next week or two.

Oma and Adrien playing box car

Aunty Heather with her new iPod

Isabella got refridgerator magnets

The best toy of all, toxic packing peanuts!

Adrien's beloved car from Rob and Rexene

Loveable little monkey for my monkey

Jumping up and down over the car

It seems my dad (Opa) can still scare a kid when necessary

Oma lovin' Isabella before we left

Izzy loves her new elephant toy, Oma!

Adrien reading No, Davey!

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