Monday, May 23, 2011

Losing a friend

I've been feeling like I am losing a friend for the past few weeks. Not in a harsh or angry way. There has been no fighting or disagreements. It's just the passing of time and people growing apart.

The problem is that this friend means so much to me and we hardly see each other. Our schedules are different, we live far away from each other and our lives are going different ways as well.

When I was younger I feel like things like this happened more often and much easier. As I get older I realize that I am building stronger more meaningful friendships with the people around me. To see that those friendships aren't working is tragic. Particularly this one.

I'm deeply upset by it and feel like if we could hang out and talk to each other a little bit it might be different. She would see why I love her so much and why I'm missing her. But, maybe she doesn't want to right now and that's okay too. We all get to make decisions and even though I want her in my life maybe she doesn't want me in hers.

Megan is the first friend I made up here in Washington. She knows all of my history with my family, with Scott. She knows my kids and they know her. They love her. I love her. I have considered her a sister since day one. We get along so well, we challenge and support each other. It is a unique and beautiful friendship.

I feel like I'm grieving someone who has passed. I am so sad right now.

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