Monday, May 2, 2011


Here it stands.

I am but one measly person in this world as are you and everyone else, right? So why do we ever think that the things we do will affect so many?

Simply, because it does. That's why.

I am still pondering my dilemma. In the meantime I have been enjoying the sunshine that has finally and thankfully hit the Pacific Northwest after many, many long months of gray days filled with rain and cold.

I even feel like maybe a few freckles returned from their long lost California days of peaceful afternoons spent on the river as a teenager. No cares in the world besides how I was going to take care of the sunburn soon to come. (don't worry a quick phone call to Grandma and I learned that you can bathe in vinegar or green tea, apply Aloe Vera liberally and with abandon as you should have applied the sun screen and at last, she suggested drink and pass out because the pain isn't going away)

I miss those days on the river. I wish there was a way I could bring it back and soak it up if even for a few short hours. Alas, my time will come. There has been talk with Tara about a possible river trip on Tuesday. I'll be in a dry suit and kayaking but hey! Water is water and you take what you can get up here.

I have an adventure packed camping trip planned with some friends in July and I got myself a spiffy new back pack for the occasion. My next purchases will be a bike and a sleeping bag... maybe a tent if absolutely necessary but I'm hoping to borrow.

The babies and I are going to do some camping this year as well, probably just a few small overnight trips here and there with some friends, but it will be an introduction to the adventures they are sure to have as the years come.

I had a realization today about my children. They are nearing the age of accidents and danger. The point where they will soon discover they can get hurt and pretty badly at that. Adrien has already begun having told me just the other day "Mom! Look! I got hurt while walking in the woods!!" as he shows me scrapes, band aids, bruises literally from head to toe and on his little pale tummy too. Oy Vie! How is one supposed to set aside a mother's worries and fears to let them run about and do these things?!

Oh... that's right. It's part of growing up. After all, haven't we all been hurt a time or two?

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