Monday, October 12, 2009

Leg Warmers and Tea

Today I bought some Oolong Tea and Leg Warmers at work, I love them both. I am knitting leg warmers for everyone for Christmas, except a few who will get something different. But I have not had a chance to finish some for myself yet. So, mine are tie dye. They rock.

The tea, is delicious. I reallly love tea. I didn't really realize how much until I moved to Washington. But tea has such positive effects on me and I like that. What I don't like is that I have not had a chance to really get much excersise lately. I am hoping that tomorrow after work I can go for a run or a hike... something to get out and get my heart going. I need it.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, the kids were going down for a nap and Adrien was laying in his bed with a goofy little grin on his face. I asked him he wanted a hug and he sprinted out of the bed and over to me, knocked me over with the most ferocious hug I have had from him in a while. I think they forgot what it was like when I am working. That I can't see them part of the day and that it's hard, for all of us.

Isabella seems to take to it really well, but she has always been one to adjust well to new situations. Adrien has recently begun to build actual recognizable things with his blocks. Airplanes are the highlights and towers. The other thing he is really into is Motorcycles, he will just stare at a motorcycle for as long I let him. He even knows how to say it finally, which is awesome.

And we are almost on the brink of Potty Training for Little Miss Bella!!! I am so, so excited about this I can't even contain it!!! Both of them out of diapers would be just outstanding. It would rock my little world. So we will see... next week after the crazyness of birthdays and a store meeting, the process will be begin.

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